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Map of Michoacan, Mexico
Map of Michoacan, Mexico
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Rebozos from Tenancingo
Evaristo Borboa, Tenancingo
Ikat threads before weaving
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Sep 06 - Sep 15 2013

Destination: Michoacan

Trip: Textiles and Folk Art

Name: The Mexican Rebozo: Techniques and Heritage

Departure Type: Group and Private

Duration: 10 Days

Price: $2,485 Double Occupancy

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Trip Summary

This trip takes us to the rebozo making centers of Mexico, including Santa Maria del Rio, where we learn of the silk jaspe (ikat) rebozo traditions, La Piedad, Michoacan, where we see how "artisela" is used in the production of jaspe rebozos, to the Purepecha Plateau of Michoacan where we visit master weavers in the communities of Ahuiran and Aranza. Finally, we travel to one of the finest rebozo production centers of Mexico, Tenancingo, where we meet the master resist dyers and weavers of these fine "jaspeado" cotton rebozos. If you love textile traditions, dye resist techniques and colonial cities, you will love this trip.


Rebozos from Tenancingo
  • Visit Mexico's Rebozo Weaving and Dyeing meccas
  • See master artisans use intricate dye resist techniques, known as "jaspe"(ikat)
  • Visit Santa Maria del Rio, Tenancingo, La Piedad, Purepecha Plateau, Mexico City
  • Learn about Heritage and Threats

Itinerary Overview

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Woman wearing rebozo Paracho, Michoacan
  • Day 1, Arrive Mexico City, Transfer to hotel and get ready for a fun, festive welcome dinner at Chef Ricardo Munoz' Azul Historico.(D)
  • Day 2, Tenancingo! We say good by to Mexico City and begin our outbound rebozo journey. We leave after breakfast as today, we are going to experience one of the best days in one of the best rebozo centers of Mexico: The Feria del Rebozo in Tenancingo! The plaza becomes the grand central station or mecca of all reboceros and “empuntadoras” in this hallowed rebozo community. After a full day of rebozo admiring & shopping, we make our way to Malinalco to have lunch and to meet with the famed rebozo weaving family of Camelia Ramos & to climb the pyramid there. (B, L)
  • Day 3, Back in Tenancingo, we have scheduled special visits with some of Tenancingo’s master rebozo weavers. Here, we will focus on the traditional work in this community, from dye resist, loom dressing and weaving techniques. The intricacy of the snake skin like patterns is amazing, (thought to represent the plumed serpent, Quetzalcoatl) and for those weavers / dyers among us, we will greatly appreciate the degree of accuracy and precision required to establish tight register patterns by tying bundles of warp threads and dressing the loom. (B, L)
  • Day 4, We say good by to the State of Mexico and press on to Michoacan, where we will stop in Morelia to enjoy lunch at our favorite, Hotel La Soledad. Here, we will also meet with rebozo artisans from La Piedad and from Uriangato & Moroleon, so we can learn about their role in rebozo production and distribution in Mexico. We make a stop at the State Craft Store, before heading out to the Meseta Purepecha. We Overnight at the Mancion del Cupatizio in Uruapan, enjoy their lush gardens, swimming pool and fresh trout baked in macadamia crust! (B, L)
  • Day 5, Purepecha Plateau Today we travel into this remote and culturally rich region of Mexico. The Purepecha are proud, independent people who fended off the advances of the Aztec Empire during the pre-Hispanic era, and were fortunate to be under the wing of Bishop, Vasco de Quiroga during the Evangelization period. He established schools and community centers, called hospitals, where each community could develop their unique craft and utilitarian objects for long term trading (economic) opportunities and independence. We visit some of these temples, chapels and hospitals with their exquisite coffered ceilings, known as “artesones”, and will have the opportunity to see and learn of the unique dress style of this region, a blend of pre-Hispanic and Spanish influences. We spend time with some of the prized rebozo makers of this region in the communities of Ahuiran & Angaguan. Overnight Uruapan (B, L)
  • Day 6, We leave in the a.m. to make our way to Guanajuato. Upon arrival, we enjoy a walking tour of this fascinating silver city in Mexico’s Heartland. We will learn about the importance of Father Dolores Hidalgo and the Independence movement, that lead to revolution against the domination of Spain over this region, called New Spain. Overnight Guanajuato (B,L)
  • Day 7, Today we transfer to Santa Maria del Rio, Located in the Central Highlands of Mexico, Santa Maria del Rio is known as the “Birthplace of the Rebozo”. Today is dedicated to the study of the history and revival initiatives of the exquisite silk jaspe rebozo, making this region famous for producing award winning masterpieces. With the support of government and non-government institutions, three groups of associated producers are working today to produce fine silk rebozos. We visit these rebozo schools / workshops to better understand what has happened in this region and to meet the master weavers. We meet the empuntadoras (fringe makers) and wooden box makers too! Overnight San Miguel de Allende (B, L)
  • Day 08, Today we visit Atotonilco to see the important pilgrimage site and Sanctuary, covered in rich stucco & murals. We visit Galeria Atotonilco to say hello to Mayer Schacter & his rescue dogs! We will see some of his collector quality serapes. Lunch at Nirvana with Chef Juan Carlos Escalante, before we return to Mexico City.
  • Day 09, Today we go to Bazaar Sabado in San Angel! We amble the cobblestone streets of this charming neighborhood and visit artists and artisans. Then, we go to our favorite for a Farewell "Comida": San Angel Inn for lunch in the gardens, with strolling musicians and charming fountains. Best margaritas in Mexico! Walking across the street we visit the Juan O’Gorman designed Frida & Diego Studios. Why is his studio bigger than hers? Returning home we drive by the UNAM Campus to see the integrated artistic approached used to design this campus, with murals by O'Gorman & Siqueiros. (B, L)
  • Day 10, Sadly we depart.

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