The Ancient & Living Maya

Tabasco and Chiapas

The Ancient & Living Maya Of Tabasco & Chiapas

Trip Summary:

Learn of the Ancient and Present Day Maya in the Tabasco & Chiapas Lowlands and Highlands. Arriving in Villahermosa, we have the opportunity to marvel at the Olmec culture and their monumental sculpture. Also in Tabasco, Comalcalco is a rarely visited Maya site of the Classic Era, rich in stucco sculpture and made of brick! By visiting a Cacao Plantation, we learn about and experience cacao in its pre-hispanic preparation and ritual. Cacao in ancient Maya times was used both as a form of currency and was consumed as an important element of ancient ceremony & ritual. From here, we explore the high phase of Maya civilization at the former empire of Palenque; we examine the murals of Bonampak and travel down the Usumacinta River to the sprawling riverside site of Yaxchilan; strategically located to dominate this important river trade. Traveling to the Highlands, we explore the hilltop fortress Tonina. Finally in San Cristobal de Las Casas we visit present day Tzotzil and Tzeltal Maya communities to learn about their textile traditions.


Palenque Living Mayas



Program Highlights:

  • Learn of the Olmec at Museo Parque La Venta
  • Learn about the Maya and Cacao at Comalcalco
  • Explore the Great Maya Empire of Palenque
  • See the Murals of Bonampak and Lintels of Yaxchilan
  • Climb the Maya Hilltop Fortress of Tonina
  • Travel to San Cristobal and Highland Maya Communities
  • Optional Trip Extension: Become engulfed in the Sumidero Canyon at Chiapa de Corzo

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