Monarchs, Mountains and Pyramids: A Spiritual Journey February 1-9, 2019

Monarchs, Mountains and Pyramids: A Spiritual Journey



With spiritual guides: Susana Tapatia Leon and Janet Rudolph

February 1-9, 2019

•Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Pyramids and the Highlands of the Butterflies

•The Art of Listening, The Art of Healing and Transformation, The Sweet Medicine of Fire and Water in Sacred Lands.

•Practice Opening the Heart to Beauty, Contemplation and Love in Ceremony, Loving Intention and Community

•Medicina Sonora with Chanting and Drumming

•Hawaiian Huna/Adventure Shamanism

“Every particular in nature, a leaf, a drop, a crystal, a moment of time is related to the whole, and partakes of the perfection of the whole”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Trip Summary


A Pilgrimage to the Soul of Beauty, to open as vessels of Love, manifested in the awareness and actions we envision as caretakers of this great home: Pacha Mama. Butterflies are called Hijas/Hijos Del Sol, Daughters and Sons of the Sun. This trip will be a pilgrimage of spirit to honor, bless and love all Hij@s Del Sol. In indigenous culture, we humans, too, are considered Hij@s Del Sol recognizing our birthright knowledge of the love of the sun-earth mother. The butterflies are in real danger from ecological hazards. Their migration route spans thousands of miles which mean that entire eco-systems need to be addressed. Because environmental degradation is so prevalent, it is a time to focus on the world of spirit in prayer and respect to affect change. This trip will be an opportunity to give back to our butterfly sisters and brothers here on earth in the form of spiritual honoring. We will have the opportunity to walk in nature to visit the fields of the Monarch butterflies, contemplate their beauty in sacred silence, work with their energies to boost and further empower cycles of healing and vitality. And in the process, opening our hearts into Beauty, Harmony and Conscious Contact as Instruments of Healing.

We welcome 14 participants on this journey.



For the Spirit

  • Spiritual Pilgrimage to the Pyramids and the Highlands of the Butterflies
  • The Art of Listening, Healing and Transformation
  • The Sweet Medicine of Fire and Water in Sacred Lands
  • Practice Opening the Heart to Beauty, Contemplation and Love in Ceremony, Loving Intention and Community
  • Medicina Sonora with Chanting and Drumming
  • Hawaiian Huna/Adventure Shamanism

The People and Places

  • Visit Zitacuaro and Mazahua Women Artisans
  • Visit Monarch Country, El Rosario Sanctuary
  • Special visit to Monarch Country, Sierra Chincua
  • Explore Morelia

Trip includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Expert Guides and/or Academics
  • Comfortable / Secure Transportation
  • Welcome and Farewell Dinners
  • Breakfasts
  • Meals according to itinerary
  • Water on Van/Coach
  • Airport Transfers
  • Entry Fees



Monarchs and Mountains: A Spiritual Journey; Itinerary at a glance



Day One: Friday, Feb. 1,  Arrive Mexico City; MEX.
You will be met at the MEX Mexico City airport and transfer to your hotel.
Evening at leisure.


Day Two: Sat, Feb. 2, Teotihuacan (B)
Today, you will travel to one of the most important ancient cities of Mesoamerica, Teotihuacan. Much mystery remains of the people who lived here and dominated the cultural influence of Mesoamerica for 1000’s of years. We will explore significant structures and art, to learn of the ancient and sacred rituals and cosmovision of the Teotihuacan people while walking the major pyramids of this site. We will complete with a ceremony at the temple of the feathered serpent/jaguar to bless, thank and honor the spirits of the place and to ask permissions for the work we will be doing in the coming week.



Day Three: Sunday, Feb. 3, Zitacuaro and Mazahua Women Artisans, Arrive Ocampo (B, L, D)

After breakfast, we’ll transfer to Zitacuaro, Michoacan. We’ll meet with the talented Mazahua women and artisans in the community of Cresencio Morales. By meeting with the Mazahua women, one of Mexico’s over 60 ethnic groups, we learn more about the link between the cultural world and the natural world. The Mazahua people hold beliefs about their natural world, and view the monarch butterflies as the souls of their loved ones, returning to visit. The Mazahua women are also master weavers and embroiderers, who embroider monarch imagery into their lovely pieces.
Arriving at Rancho Cumbre Monarca, we’ll settle in to our home for the next five nights. We’ll gather in the late afternoon to meet and begin to review our intentions for the week. As the sun begins to set, we’ll gather for a fire ceremony, before breaking for a light dinner.


Day Four: Monday, Feb. 4, Monarch Country, El Rosario Sanctuary, Overnight Ocampo (B, D)

After breakfast, we’ll embark on a journey to witness one of the Western Hemisphere’s great natural wonders: the winter home of the monarch butterflies. At El Rosario, you’ll see where these magnificent insects migrate to each year, in the transvolcanic mountains of central Mexico. It wasn’t until 1975 that the scientific community finally tracked down the wintering sites of the monarchs in Mexico. Until then, the butterflies’ winter hideouts had been a secret known only to local villagers and landowners. The unique conditions for survival are found in oyamel fir forests, which are located in a very small area of mountain tops in central Mexico. We’ll lunch at the mountain, before returning to our base in Ocampo to gather to process what we have witnessed and observed. We’ll begin our spiritual meditations and guidance in how we can unite to this natural world and work to protect it and all nature; our planet. Overnight in Ocampo.


Day Five: Tuesday, Feb. 5, Monarch Country, Sierra Chincua, Overnight Ocampo (B, D)

This morning we’ll rise and enjoy our breakfast before organizing for a meditation and guided session with spiritual teaching, movements and chanting. We’ll leave the hotel mid-day and visit the Sierra Chincua sanctuary to commune with the incredible creatures; the monarch butterflies.Returning to our hotel in Ocampo, the evening is at leisure. We’ll gather for dinner at the hotel.


Day Six & Seven: Wednesday, Feb. 6, Monarch Country (B, D) and Thursday, February 7, Monarch Country (B, D)

Each of these two days will include ½ day trips to the sanctuaries to deepen our experience and connections to the butterflies. There will be more spiritual teachings and experiences including Huna, the path of Hawaiian adventure shamanism, Medicina Sonora and the art of listening.
Potential excursions include visits to nearby indigenous Mazahua communities to learn of social projects being conducted in the region, and temascal (ancient, herbal cleansing steam bath on the hotel property).


Day Eight: Friday, February 8, Transfer to Morelia, Morelia Touring (B, D) 

This morning we’ll enjoy our last breakfast in Ocampo, before making our way to beautiful Morelia, a colonial gem and capital of Michoacan. Morelia is a conservative city with deep traditions in higher education, music and the arts. Highlights include: The Government Palace and Alfredo Zalce Murals, Palace of Justice, Cathedral, Temple of the Roses, the former Aqueduct, and the outstanding House of “Artesanias”. We’ll overnight in Morelia and enjoy our farewell dinner together. Overnight Morelia (B, D)


Day Nine: Saturday, February 9, Transfer to Airport or extend one day, transferring out on Sunday, February 10. (B)
Today we say our goodbyes and make our way to the Morelia (MLM) airport for our flights home. You are welcome to stay an extra day in Morelia and return home on Sunday!


From Susana;
This journey is about opening the heart to see the beauty all around, inside and out.
As hijos/hijas del sol.
In the kechua language Sun is kury=gold
KURY MAMA = la mama de oro. (The Golden Mother).
We are embraced and created in this eternal dance of love in the fields of golden light.
We are all imprinted by this love of the Earth and her beloved as
“Children of the Sun” / Hija@ del Sol
As children of the Sun We carry Beauty and the Strength to shine upon our action of love.
Susana mama


About Your Guides:
Janet Rudolph is a twice ordained shaman who has traveled the world for over 20 years to learn, experience and study shamanic spiritual systems around the world. She is an Alaka’i which is a Hawaiian spiritual guide. She has written two books about the original pagan teachings of the Bible, One Gods and When Eve was a Goddess.

Susan Tapia Leon:
Soy una mujer medicina, creo que todas lo somos cuando hemos reconocido el don y lo ejercemos. Llevo más de 30 años investigando las facultades de la voz y el sonido como instrumentos de sanación. Crecí en Riobamba – Punin. Recibí los cantos y la medicina de mi gente que vive en los Andes. He incursionado en distintas disciplinas y saberes holísticos, como la Filosofía de la Medicina Tradicional China, Parteria ancestral y contemporánea, Perinatologia y Terapia Cráneo Sacral Biodinámica. Fusiono estos saberes compartiendo su magia en círculos de sonido y sanación, tanto en el Norte como en el Sur de América. Como facilitadora holística en expresión de la voz abro un camino en la recuperación de la memoria sagrada de lo femenino en el planeta.En “Samana Takyhuasy- Casa de la Música y el Descanso” invito a encuentros trimestrales sobre Parteria Ancestral Contemporánea, Círculos de Luna Llena y Medicina Sonora desde el año 2003.

Notes on Trip Rigor:  
Portions of this trip take place at higher altitudes, in the mountains of Michoacan. Elevations can reach 10,000 feet, as you ascend the stairs at El Rosario and the hillside/mountain at Sierra Chincua. Many people do this, they just go slower, taking their time, absorbing it as they go. Should this medium/medium high level of rigor not be for you, horses are always available to assist in your ascent.


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