Natural Wonders

natural wondersNatural Wonders

Bird Watching and Identification

On many of our trips, we dedicate time to bird watching, as we are in regions where great species can be found. From the quetzal in the jungles of Chiapas, to the Great Flamingo in Yucatan, we will look for our feathered friends. If you are interested in a Special Interest Trip dedicated to bird watching, please let us know!

natural wonders

Medicinal Plants

Indigenous communities throughout Mexico, particularly in the Southeast, have traditionally used plants for medicinal purposes. Today, this is still the case, but unless people record, identify and pass on this knowledge, it will get lost. On many of our trips, we will be lead by local naturalists to learn more about the historic and present day use of medicinal plants.

natural wonders

Tours under Natural Wonders: