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Chicago Tribune

“I was overwhelmed when I first entered the quiet and dark of the forest,” said Paula Zito, an operating room nurse from Sarasota, Fla. “I can’t believe they were circling me, surrounding my body, occasionally landing on my shoulder or backpack…”



Los Angeles Times

“Immerse yourself in the Expoartesanías handcraft fair in Bogota on a nine-day Colombian tour offered by travel outfitter Tia Stephanie. Participants will spend two days at the traditional and contemporary craft fair, Colombia’s largest and most important, and have an opportunity to meet artisans and learn about their cultures….”



International Travel News

As mentioned in the July issue of International Travel News, by the editorial staff. “Expo Artesanias Colombia” Tour recommended.

gourmet pilgrim


Gourmet Pilgrim Mexico

“Stephanie Schneiderman, Founder of Tia Stephanie Tours, lead the research team from Australia, throughout Mexico, to research the culture and cuisine of the country. From chefs, regional cooks, farmers, fishermen and more, Stephanie’s expertise and knowledge of Mexico was invaluable to the project…”



Chicago Tribune:
Colorful crafts, memorable encounters can be found near Oaxaca city

“In a tiny village in the Oaxaca highlands in southwestern Mexico, Macrina Mateo Martinez tells her story as she deftly shapes red clay from the nearby El Picacho mountain.
There’s no potter’s wheel or kiln, just swift, precise movements of her fingers. With barely a glance at the clay, she quickly forms a simple but elegant pot to be fired in an open pit with the same technique that her Zapotec forebears have used for 3,500 years….”

Also appearing in the Philadelphia Inquirer

travel pulse


Travel Pulse

“At a time when travelers are intent on having authentic in-depth experiences, Stephanie Schneiderman is particularly well suited to the task of providing them. She grew up in Mexico and now operates Tia Stephanie Tours, a specialist in culturally focused tours to Mexico and Colombia…”

Tia Stephanie Tours: Transformative Experiences of Mexico
Dispatch Mexico City: First Time’s the Charm
Dispatch: Frida Day in Mexico City
Dispatch Mexico City: Fresh Food from Chinampas to Your Table
Dispatch Mexico City: City of Museums

national geographic


National Geographic Traveler

“Day of the Dead in Michoacan”,
Best Tours of a Lifetime, 2015!

“Mexico: Grave Doings. Oaxaca gets buzz for its Día de 
los Muertos (Day of the Dead) celebrations; less well-known are rituals in villages around Lake Pátzcuaro, in the state of Michoacán, where families hold all-night graveside vigils to honor loved ones, the centerpiece of this dive into colorful area culture.”

detroit free press


Detroit Free Press

“Diego and Frida in Mexico City”

“Mexico City is not only a phenomenally interesting, cosmopolitan world capital with a great food scene and colonial beauty, but it also was the home of Rivera and Kahlo. It is there you can tour their quirky houses and studios, see the Frida Kahlo Museum and the dynamic Rivera-packed Dolores Olmedo Museum. The city has so many Rivera murals at so many public buildings your head will spin…”

the new york travel


New York Times

“In Mexico City, a Kahlo-Rivera Tour”

“…Now an American company, Tia Stephanie Tours, aims to introduce fans to the couple’s homeland with “Diego and Frida in Mexico City,”…Travelers will visit the artists’ studios, the Frida Kahlo Museum, the Dolores Olmedo Museum and Rivera murals.”

Los AngelesTimes


Los Angeles Times

“Mexico: Tour offers look at life, art of Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo “

“…Fans of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo can immerse themselves in the artists’ lives on a eight-night excursion through Mexico City organized by Tia Stephanie Tours.”

travel pulse


Travel Pulse

“Tia Stephanie Tours Invites Art Lovers to the Home of Frida and Diego”

“Tia Stephanie Tours of Ann Arbor, Michigan, is offering a tour that provides an opportunity to dig into the lives of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, two of the most famous and beloved Mexican painters…”

travel weekly


Travel Weekly

“Tour delves deeply into lives and work of Rivera, Kahlo”

“Blockbuster U.S. exhibits of the works of iconic Mexican artists Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera are planned this year in Fort Lauderdale, New York and Phoenix. But for those looking for a more engaging experience, Mexican specialist Tia Stephanie Tours will take visitors to where the duo lived, worked and drew inspiration with its program, Diego and Frida in Mexico City…”