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The Mazatec Women of San Miguel Soyaltepec, Oaxaca

We were thrilled and honored to participate recently in the Fiesta Latina artisan expo, sponsored by Western New Mexico University. It was a pleasure to get to meet many people from the region, and to help visitors to our booth pick out their favorite Mazatec embroideries from the talented women of San Miguel Soyaltepec, Oaxaca. As the artisans were unable to travel to New Mexico to attend the Fiesta, we wanted to share some information about them and where they live.

In the Footsteps of Irmgard Weitlaner Johnson

Born in Philadelphia in 1914 to Austrian parents, Irmgard arrived to Mexico in 1922 at the age of eight. Her father Robert, a metallurgist, had a keen personal interest in studying native languages and cultures of the Americas. He moved the family to Mexico, where he began his ethnographic and linguistic studies of Mexico’s indigenous people.

Amuzgo woman in Xochistlahuaca, Guerrero wearing an Amuzgo huipil

Exploring Mexico through its Textile Traditions

From our Mexican Rebozo Tour that illuminates the ikat rebozo, an extraordinary cloth and cultural expression of Mexican women, to La Chinantla, Coast and Isthmus of Oaxaca, the Chiapas highlands, Valley of Tehuacan and Sierra Norte of Puebla, we learn about and appreciate the vast and diverse ethnographic landscape of Mexico through its customs in dress and techniques in dyeing and weaving.