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Salsa dancing is to Cali, Colombia as Tango dancing is to Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is a way of life, a lifestyle, a social mingling place and given the competitions in recent years, such as the International Salsa Competition, a path to stardom. Also, the salsa dancing in Cali is unique; it is very fast and athletic. People travel from all over the world to see and learn from the best: the salsa dancers in Cali, Colombia. On this very fun journey, we combine dancing classes with dancing exhibitions & shows, with opportunities to practice our own dancing at night. The salsa rhythms are infectious and will get under your skin quickly! Traveling to the Caribbean Coast, in Cartagena we learn additional dance rhythms, such as the “cumbia” and “vallenato. We dance the night away under the tropical breezes and moonlit nights. By boat, we visit the islands off the Caribbean coast!



  • Attending the “Delirio” Dance & Music extravaganza to learn about this history of Colombia through it’s music and dance.
  • Taking Salsa Dance Classes in Cali to learn how to dance to this popular and infectious rhythm. People come from all over the world to learn how to salsa dance in Cali.
  • Touring Cali to visit its museums and markets. The Gold Museum here, is delightful. We also enjoy the delicious cuisine from the Valle de
    Cauca and Pacific Coast regions.
  • Going to dance clubs at night to practice our dance steps. Like Dancing with the Stars, we will see our progression and improvement!
  • Touring the charming walled city of Cartagena, visiting its neighborhoods, learning of its history and enjoying the highlights, museums
    and restaurants of the ever more popular destination on the Caribbean coast.
  • Visit the Islas del Rosario’s beautiful beaches and clear waters.

Trip includes:

  • Accommodations
  • Expert Guides and/or Academics
  • Comfortable / Secure Transportation
  • Welcome and Farewell Dinners
  • Breakfasts
  • Meals according to itinerary
  • Water on Van/Coach
  • Airport Transfers
  • Entry Fees



Dance Colombia Itinerary at a glance

Salsa & Beach in Cali & Cartagena


Day 1, Arrive Cali: Thursday, Welcome and transfer to our lovely and iconic Cali hotel!


Day 2, Dance Class & City Tour: Friday, After breakfast, we begin with a Salsa Dancing Demo, to get a feel for the salsa dance style in Cali, before we begin our first Dance Class! After dancing, we will enjoy a Cali City Tour to include fabulous museums, such as the Gold Museum, where we will learn about the ancient cultures of the Valle de Cauca. We enjoy lunch at a local favorite restaurant to savor the Pacific Coast cuisine, among the favorites in Colombia. Tonight, we attend the “Delirio” Dance Extravaganza to get our first glimpse of salsa dancing in Cali! (B, L)


Day 3, Dance Class, Lunch and Shopping!: Saturday,  After breakfast, we enjoy our second salsa Dance Class, from 10-12, followed by a day of shopping at bazaars and markets for Colombia’s colorful crafts.  After our percussion class we will enjoy a wonderful meal of Colombian cuisine at Antigua Contemporanea. In the evening, we’ll enjoy a fun evening to practice our own dancing! (B, L)


Day 4, Dance Class & Sugar Plantation/ Museum: Sunday, Our last day in Cali, we have our final Dance Class, 10-12, followed by a short day trip to visit the Sugar Museum and to enjoy a regional lunch in the countryside. Returning home, we relax and prepare for our farewell dance in Cali. (B, L)


Day 5, Transfer to Cartagena, City Tour: Monday, Today, we transfer to the Cali airport for our flights to Cartagena. Upon arrival, we will be met at the airport and transfer to our charming, centrally located hotel in one of Cartagena’s favorite neighborhoods. We enjoy a city walking tour, including the neighborhoods, to learn more about this important coastal/walled city that was important during the time of the Spanish colonization. We enjoy lunch to experience the local Caribbean cuisine of Cartagena.  At night, we visit the vibrant and popular clubs, such as Mr. Babillo to learn of the new dance rhythms of this region: cumbia & vallenato. (B, L)


Day 6, Boat excursion to Isla del Rosario Beaches: Tuesday, Today, we head to the beaches on the Islands that lie a short distance from the Cartagena Coast. Arriving by boat, we enjoy the White sand and blue ocean waters before we have lunch at the beach. Returning home, we rest and relax in preparation of our tour of Cartagena by night in a Chiva bus! Formerly the buses that transported people to and from markets; from town to town, they are now party buses and a fun way to visit Cartagena by night. (B, L)


Day 7, Day at Leisure in Cartagena: Wednesday, Given its many museums, such as the Gold Museum, Naval Museum, Museum of Modern Art, we are able to amble the quaint and charming streets of Cartagena and visit one or more of its many museums. We enjoy a lovely lunch at one of Cartagena’s top restaurants: El Santisimo, followed by one last spin on the dance floor at the famed, Club Habana. (B, L)


Day 8, Transfer Out, Thursday



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