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Stephanie Schneiderman

Stephanie Schneiderman

Company founder, Stephanie Schneiderman was born in Havana, grew up in Mexico City, lived and studied in Miami, went to Graduate School in Phoenix. She has a B.A. in Political Science/International Relations, a Certificate in Latin American/Caribbean Studies from Florida International University, and received a Masters Degree from The Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona.

Latin blood runs through her veins. Stephanie has traveled extensively throughout Mexico and, given her cultural and language fluency, has gained access to many off the path locations and communities. When her friends ask why she always goes back to Mexico, she replies, “Mexico is a vast country with so many diverse regions. You could spend a lifetime visiting Mexico and never see it all”.

Tia Stephanie invites you to share her passion for Mexico and the Mexican people, our neighbors to the South.


Marian GoldbergMarian Goldberg

Marian Goldberg is Tia Stephanie Tours’ Marketing and Public Relations Consultant. Marian has been involved in cultural tourism for over 25 years. As a researcher and producer for The Travel Channel (1988-1992), she proposed the network’s first special interest travel program, “Designs on Travel,” which ran for 20 episodes. She was the public relations manager for the Japan National Tourism Organization (1997-2008) and then worked for a luxury travel marketing firm, before founding Marian Goldberg Marketing Communications (MGMC).

Via MGMC, she has promoted cultural tourism to: Kyoto City, Japan; the Linden Centre in Yunnan Province China; and even North Korea on behalf of Asia Pacific Travel LTD. Currently she represents several in-depth cultural tour operators, most notably Tia Stephanie Tours, and is a correspondent for Jax Fax Travel Marketing Magazine and the “Arts & Cultural Patrol” for the website, Boomer Travel Patrol.

Marian holds a Master of Science degree in Tourism Marketing from New York’s New School University with a specialization in cultural and educational travel, and she has taught Travel & Tourism at a number of New York area colleges and universities.


Gail Scherer

Gail Scherer

Travel is Gail’s passion. During her 28 years in the pharmaceutical industry, her favorite work assignments took her to Germany and Tanzania. In her encore career in the travel industry, with Journeys International, she learned that the planning and details of a trip make the difference. She has planned a wide variety of cultural itineraries, and knows that the foundation of a successful adventure is excellent communication and customer service.

Gail has traveled to Bolivia, Panama, Galapagos, Ecuador, China, India, Indonesia, Iceland, Australia, Morocco, Tunisia, Tanzania, Turkey and extensively in Europe. Now she is exploring travel in a new direction with Tia Stephanie Tours, and looks forward to making sure all our travelers are well prepared to get the most out of their adventure!

Gail has a Bachelors Degree from Kalamazoo College, and a Masters in Business Administration from Eastern Michigan University. When she is not planning adventures, or helping others plan their adventures, she competes on a masters synchronized swim team.

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