Natural Wonders

Monarchs, Mountains and Pyramids: A Spiritual Journey February 1-9, 2019

Butterflies are called Hijas/Hijos Del Sol, Daughters and Sons of the Sun. This trip will be a pilgrimage of spirit to honor, bless and love all Hijas Del Sol. In indigenous culture, we humans, too, are considered Hijas Del Sol recognizing our birthright knowledge of the love of the sun-earth mother.

Whale Watching in Baja California

Experience the natural wonders of the Baja California peninsula, from the gray whales and endangered sea turtles in the majestic setting of in a sea turtle research camp in Magdalena Bay to the aquatic wonderland of Espíritu Santo Island. You’ll get your feet wet on this participatory experience that lets you work alongside fishermen and conservationists!.

Monarchs and the Mazahua

Join us on a journey to learn about and witness one of nature’s wonders–the monarch butterfly migration. Here, in the fir trees of Michoacan at between 8,000-12,000 feet, the monarch butterflies take rest for the winter months after flying over 3,000 miles. Here, they cluster in groups on the fir trees to stay warm. During the day, they enjoy the sunshine and can be seen flying in massive groups…