Embroiderers’ Guild of America Textiles & Culture of Mexico, March 2017

This extraordinary journey takes us to singular and diverse regions of Mexico in Oaxaca, Puebla, Tlaxcala and Mexico City. Not only will we be able to appreciate the vast diversity of Mexico, we’ll learn about the varied textile traditions in natural dyes, weaving and embroidery. We’ll savor new flavors, meet artisans and visit ancient archeological sites! Join us on this journey to a different Mexico!.

The Mountains of Guerrero, Olinala & Puebla! 2024

Join us on a journey to learn about the art of the “maque”, lacquerware of Guerrero, one of three regions of Mexico that continues this ancient tradition. Guerrero is home to the maque tradition, namely the “cajitas” little boxes of Olinala. The tradition of lacquerware or “maque” is pre-hispanic in origin, originally applied to gourds to protect them from cracking and breaking. Later, this tradition and technique became fused with other influences in aesthetics and applications, namely from Asia and Europe.

Culture and Cuisine of Mexico

An extraordinary culinary journey to learn of Mexican culture through its culinary heritage. This unique cultural travel experience begins in Oaxaca, where the earliest pre-domesticated corn was found over 6,000 years ago. Corn was the crop that provided the means for civilization to develop and flourish in Mesoamerica…

Culinary Traditions

The Best of Puebla

In Puebla, the city is so iconic that sometimes Puebla the State is overlooked! Not at Tia Stephanie Tours! Recognizing that the State of Puebla has a great cultural and bio diversity, we decided to package a program that offers travelers the opportunity to experience and learn about the key natural and cultural wonders in Puebla!