Who We Are?

Who we are

Stephanie Schneiderman was born in Havana, grew up in Mexico City, lived and studied in Miami, went to Graduate School in Phoenix. She has a B.A. in Political Science/International Relations, a Certificate in Latin American/Caribbean Studies from Florida International University, and received a Masters Degree from The Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona.

Latin blood runs through her veins. Stephanie has traveled extensively throughout Mexico and, given her cultural and language fluency, has gained access to many off the path locations and communities. When her friends ask why she always goes back to Mexico, she replies, “Mexico is a vast country with so many diverse regions. You could spend a lifetime visiting Mexico and never see it all”. Tia Stephanie invites you to share her passion for Mexico and the Mexican people, our neighbors to the South.

Our Travel Philosophy

At Tia Stephanie Tours we strive to make thoughtful and purposeful choices about our travels. As such, we believe we are good stewards for the money you spend with us by signing up for our tours. A significant portion of your travel expenditure goes directly into the cities, towns and communities that we visit. We believe tourism can be a viable economic impulse for communities and people. In the case of Mexico, it represents the 3rd largest source of revenue; however most of this goes to beach resort destinations. On our travels, we carefully select our local partners; from the hotels we stay in, the restaurants we eat at, the expert guides we select, and the many wonderful artisans we visit during our excursions. Please know that if you sign up for a Tia Stephanie Tour, your travel dollars are thoughtfully allocated within the destinations we travel to. Thank you for your participation!

Our Local Partners

Our local partners consist of knowledgeable and passionate expert guides and subject matter specialists, who share our passion for their home country and want to share it with you. Our carefully selected transportation providers have experienced, helpful and friendly drivers in comfortable, safe cars, vans or coaches. We look forward to introducing your to these marvelous people, who have been called, “National Treasures”!


“Mexico is a vast country with so many diverse regions. You could spend a lifetime visiting Mexico and never see it all”. – Stephanie Schneiderman –