Textile Traditions

textile traditionsTextile Traditions

We will visit the homes and workshops of the great master artisans to learn about the materials and processes used in creating their works of art. We offer three different trips: Folk Art and Craft traditions of Oaxaca. History and Use of Natural Dyes in The Americas. And The Languague of Maya Textiles.

Folk Art and Craft Traditions of Oaxaca

This trip takes us into the homes and workshops of the Oaxaca masters. We travel to the villages that specialize in the wood carved “alebrijes”, the sleek black pottery, and treadle and backstrap loom weavings, to see how the crafts are made, and for the opportunity to buy directly from the artisans!

History and Use of Natural Dyes in the Americas

Learn about the history of natural dyes in the Americas, namely cochineal. Included is a three day hands-on natural dye workshop, where we will gather the natural materials, prepare dyes and dye wool. We will learn about mordants and additives used to create the hues of the rainbow!

The Language of Maya Textiles

It is said that the vision of weaving designs and technical ability come to the women of Highland Chiapas in dreams. The symbols used in their weavings form a language that expresses the cosmos and each persons place in it. This trip focuses on the textile traditions of Maya Highland villages that surround San Cristobal de las Casas. Leading experts and authors in the field of Maya textile traditions accompany this trip.

textile traditions

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