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textile traditions

Textile Traditions

We will visit the homes and workshops of the great master artisans to learn about the materials and processes used in creating their works of art.

art history

Art History

From pre-Hispanic art to contemporary art, Mexico’s artistic expressions reflect this country’s complex history and blend of cultures.

culinary heritage

Culinary Heritage

We’ll explore the ancient foods that formed the foundation of Mesoamerica. We meet chefs and traditional cooks to learn of heritage dishes and contemporary expressions!



We experience ancient and present day observances and rituals, such as Day of the Dead and Night of the Radishes!

ancient civilizations

Ancient Civilizations, Living Cultures
African Heritage

We explore the great civilizations of Mesoamerica and learn about the living cultures, as well! In addition, we are pioneers in leading tours to learn about and meet Mexico’s African descendants.

Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders

Learn about and experience two of the world’s great migrations: The Monarch Butterflies and the Grey and Blue Whales!

Why Us?

What makes our trips different?

Whether it’s Culture & Cuisine, Textile Traditions, Ancient Civilizations, Art History or Festivals, let us take you beyond the beach resorts. Our unique approach combines education with off the path itineraries, designed to build greater understanding of and appreciation for the richness and complexity of Mexican or Colombian people.

different trips

Why Mexico?

A country so close, yet whose customs are so different from ours; a country of multiple images and stereotypes that bears knowing first hand; a country and people that is much more than its beaches. Mexico is a rich amalgamation of its past and present. Join us on unique trips of discovery to gain a deeper appreciation of Mexico; a country with a complex past, rich present and dynamic future!

Why Colombia?

We believe Colombia is an emerging destination and we are excited to sharing it with you! from Cali in the southwest, to the Pacific Coast, to the Central Coffee Growing Region, to Cartagena and Santa Marta on the Caribbean Coast and to the distant land called “La Guajira”, home to the Wayoo people and a surreal landscape where desert meets ocean, we covered a lot!

why colombia

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